About DBA

Renold PLC

I studied Software engineering at University, and after it  I worked with Renold PLC developing a product selector, a VB application which was distributed in the USA, and Europe.


From 2000 to 2003 I developed a website for Brintons. When I started in 2000, Brintons (one of world’s largest manufacturers of carpet) had less than 100 hits per month on their site; by 2003 they were receiving thousands of visitors per day. The site was developed to showcase their range of carpets and later was expanded to provide online carpet customisation and ordering. In 2003 I developed a CD version that Brintons then sent out as part of marketing campaign run in many countries around the world.

Local Government

In 2003-2004 I worked as the lead developer on a VB6 project to deliver a front-end application to Local Government. Councillors used the application during their “surgeries” with the public to record details of the meetings, take actions including diary integration. Based on the outcome of these actions the application would integrate seamlessly with Office XP generating letters, faxes and emails based on standardised templates. The application had to be secure and ensure that the confidential material contained was stored and processed in a secure manner.

I have also done some short-term contract roles building e-commerce sites. These roles included a large amount of SQL, to integrate an e-commerce site to an existing account and warehousing system providing real time stock levels and real time management reporting.


From 2004 to 2007, my main role within the FSB was the development and technical design of the online membership system and online directory serving over 200,000 members. I was responsible for capturing the requirements of the FSB and the wider membership. I was the lead developer for this project that delivered a solution using IBM Redback with a browser based front end.

The membership system not only managed the FSB member details but was the basis of the online directory for determining content access which I had developed using.net 2003 and again later using .net 2005. This online directory allowed the federation members to collaborate, network, and share best practice.

During these 3 years I was also responsible for the mentoring, support and coordination of a team consisting of 33 web designers who generated the content for the FSB websites.

One of my other successes was when I designed and built a web application in (Flash 8) to deliver media (movies, audio and pictures) and content from events and conferences.

British Airways

In 2007 I worked for British Airways as a contractor; my role was to develop an invoice generation and notification service. Which used MS SQL 2005; MS Reporting Services for the invoices; MS Notification service to sent the email; VS.net 2005 C# for the protocols to add the file to the email and to generate the reports into PDF’s or xml; XSLT to format the email sent by NS 2005.

Add Media Group

From October 2007 until November 2013, I worked at the Add media group, which is an internet marketing company. Their core business was supplying links, to help with a company’s SEO. The “Linknetwork” was a group of thirty servers with 13,000 domains that helped achieve that. My job was to develop this and maintain it.

From 2011,  I generated fresh sales leads, increasing the companies leads from 65,000 in the first eight years, to 400,000+ in the next two. This was done by crawling Google’s sponsored links. The company has also contacted businesses in South Africa, India, Australia, Holland and New Zealand using the crawler to generate leads.

ASE Group

In 2014, for eight months I was a SQL/DBA with ASE.
My daily jobs were to check the live servers making sure there were no problems, which included backups had ran successfully. I wrote an SSIS package to let me know of any  issues. I also gave support; comparing and synchronising SQL Server database schemas, and data with REDGATE. Dealing with backups, restores, adding users and permissions, optimising queries and using SQL profiler with other issues, giving feedback on stored procedure and updating, inserting and deleting data, TSQL. We used clustering, database mirroring, replication and failover, so it was important which servers were updated.  From beta to preproduction to live a new database also needed designing and configuring and monitoring utilities.

We used Agile and in one sprite, I developed the delta master tool, a SSIS package, that checked the data wasn’t being updated then with sql pulled the data, created a new database and backed it up to different locations, ETL.